I like to spend the spare time I’m given making crafts or art, and I love to share the things I draw or paint or create. That’s why I began selling some of my craftsย over time, and now they are all displayed on my website in one place. Most of my art is extremely customizableโ€”especially since no two projects are ever the same. For instance, you ask for it, I make it. Even if you don’t see a product on here you were hoping for, shoot me an email like “MaKenna, any chance you could please make me a BLANK?” I will give you a price estimate from there. I can deliver local, and soon you will be able to find my “made by mak” products in vendor shops around the area.

To place an order request, send an email to specifying what item(s) & color/design/etc.

If you have a favorite quote or design you just canโ€™t seem to find in the stores, get a customized mug to suit your personal ideas!

custom mugs made by mak.png

If you have a favorite quote or design you just can’t seem to find in stores, get a customized mug to suit your personal ideas!

faux antlers made by mak

Every antler set is unique to the amount of points, colors, flowers, and wood that is chosen. Make it completely your own and display it on a wall in your home!

painted stones made by mak

Each stone is hand painted, and are protectively sealed with a clear coat. Display these rocks indoors on an office desk, shelf, in potted plants, or wherever they fit best!

pallet coasters made by mak

The coasters are hand made and can be a custom color, such as weathered wood, ebony, bright colors, or the unfinished look.

porch pallets made by mak

Be patriotic year round with these repurposed porch pallets. Each pallet is hand painted with a double coat of strong, vibrant exterior paint. Newer pallets or weathered pallets are both available.

wooden signs made by mak

Each sign is picked from repurposed wood, and can be customized to any color. Put your favorite quote, drawing, pattern, or design to match your home!

made by mak chalk pallet

Any weddings or big events happening soon? Give your guests a visual schedule and place it at the entrance so they know what to expect for the occasion! Chalkboard paint enables you to use and reuse this rustic decoration. Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduation Parties, whatever the event may be, this pallet will keep the guests informed and organized! SEVEN boards means you can also use it for days of the week to advertise any sort of daily specials a business might have!ย 


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