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Welcome to my photography page! Here you will find online photo galleries & more details about the types of photos I take. I primarily take portraits but I am open to any situation, just ask! I want customers to have full copyright of each photo I take, so I can provide a CD, USB or email high quality copies of your images.

(In each package, the online photo gallery is giving me permission to publish photos of you to my website unless requested otherwise.)


To book your session, email

You can also view images on the Facebook page. πŸ™‚


Ky & Bay

Photos from Kylee & Bailey’s end of summer shoot. Bay had to go back to Montana the next day, so I’m glad I got to capture these for them!

Cunningham Family

Such a fun & friendly family to work with. The Cunningham family shoot included a momma, her three kiddos, and daughter-in-law.

Hannah & Abby

The gorgeous Gorton girls! All laughs & smiles with them.


Esther’s session included so many great photos. Beautiful inside and out, this girl is!

Hall Family

The amazing, caring, kind, wonderful, generous, and funny Hall family!

Abby // Senior

We had a blast in so many beautiful settings. This girl glows from the inside out.

Josh & Tanna

Captured this country couple in their element and good ol’ downtown all in one day!

Gordon & Ginger

Celebrating 50 years! Here’s just a glimpse into what a lifetime of love looks like.

Jamie // Senior

Jamie is one of the coolest, fun, and down-to-earth seniors that I know.

Nicole & Zoey

Nicole and her dog Zoey supporting SandCloud products!

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