What to Wear for an Interview

moments by mak interview outfits makenna morganApplying for a summer internship? Getting ready to start your CAREER someplace now that you have graduated?

Interviews are kind of a big deal then.

What you say and what you do in a matter of 30 precious minutes can make or break your opportunity. One simple—yet totally crucial—way to reel in the deal is how you dress for your interview.

***Ultimately, they are hiring you for your experience and qualities. This is the truth. HOWEVER, when you look good, you feel good. Thus, you interview good!***

You already know you have everything they’re looking for. You’ve made it far enough to even get an interview. Why not build your confidence up a little more before heading into it by wearing something you feel fabulous in? Crush it, slay it, you boss babe, you!

makenna morgan boss babe

I’ll start off with some simple tips, and then I’ll share the looks I created. I actually just had an interview a few weeks back—can you guess which outfit I went with? 🙂

Oh, and I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!

  1. Keep it modest

  2. Don’t over do it

  3. Make a statement

  4. Be comfortable

  5. Put on some layers

Classy but Sassy

This is probably my most dressed-up look. You have the best idea of what kind of interview you’re heading into—do you consider it very professional or business casual?


bright coral dress

black blazer

black lace up sandals

linked necklace


Black with a BANG

Black goes with everything. Even better, black goes with black. Obviously you aren’t headed to a funeral, so adding something that stands out like a vibrant necklace or flashy blazer keeps the outfit simple (more reason for them to focus on you) but also leaves a lasting impact. The hat is fun but you could go with or without it.


black blouse

black jeans

black booties

blue necklace

black sun hat


Fake it ’til you Make it! 

Like I mentioned above, adding a business-y jacket to an outfit can say a lot. With this look it’s the opposite effect from above—instead of it being the focus, I added it to “dress up” the rest of my outfit. I chose something I liked and what I was comfortable in, but maybe it’s too casual on its own for an interview. Adding a blazer can instantly make you look more professional. (Also adding my sister’s glasses made me feel smarter.)


black blazer

white & black stripped shirt

tan pants

black booties

pearl necklace

moments by mak interview outfits makenna morgan

These outfits are completely customizable. Thus, I could’ve shown you a million more fun things to try on together but these three seemed like the most basic categories—from my most professional to most casual.



16 thoughts on “What to Wear for an Interview

  1. My favourite look is Black with a bang (I love the hat) but for an interview I would probably go for Fake it ’til you Make it 🙂
    Lianne | Makes, Bakes and Decor

    Liked by 1 person

  2. These outfits make me jealous that I work in such a boring career field. I would feel totally awesome in these outfits for an interview, but they wouldn’t be appropriate in my industry. Boo!


  3. As someone who worked in HR for a million years (it seems like), I totally agree that your outfits matter, in the sense that it boosts your confidence; or if you feel uncomfortable, you’re likely to broadcast that unintentionally. These are really cute outfits, thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You look beautiful in all of these looks! Not sure what type of interview you are going on but things must have changed from my investment banking / corporate America days bc these are very fashion forward! It used to be a black suit/blue or white shirt or shift dress only!

    Liked by 1 person

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