How to Make a Simple Vision Board

Hello friends & followers,

Since my previous post, I’ve been feeling extra motivated. As I’m sure you’ve picked up on by now, I love making crafts. I wanted to share with you my latest creation—but this one’s not for sale.

Instead, I want you to make your own! 

What I’m talking about here is a VISION BOARD. (Some of you might be asking… what’s that?) Basically, a vision board is something that you can creatively compile all your hopes and dreams on to and it will help you keep a visual on what your goals are.

I thought this would be a quick, cheap, and easy project to do that would satisfy many of my New Year’s resolutions. I have provided some tips below on how to make your own vision board and how to get the most out of the craft! (I’ll show you my finished product at the end and briefly explain each of my elements.)

First, make it temporary. 

That way, you can customize it each year or whenever it’s needing updated, since our goals and what inspires us change constantly. Many folks throw out their vision boards when they’ve served their purposes, which is wasteful. I put mine together in a shadow box. No glue, just pins. Mess-free and easy to change out when needed!

Then, make it small.

It doesn’t need to take up your whole desk or wall—the smaller it is, the more focused it can be. We all want to accomplish a million things at once, but making an intimate design of elements puts more importance into them. A tiny canvas only left room for what I really wanted on there!

Fill it with past, present & future.

I have a baby photo on mine to remind me of my upbringing, photos of family and friends that have been/are/will be in my life, and then words and images that I want to focus on for my future. All of these things connect to each other because you are not just one person in a moment of time. Your goals come from all your experiences!

Fill it with photos of places you love or people you love. 

Many vision boards out there just have a lot of tumblr quotes attached to them, but what does that really mean to a person? Like I said, my family and my friends are on there. They are important to me and I want to focus on strengthening my relationships with them! I was going to put a picture of the beach on there because I love that place, but I ran out of room. Mountains are featured because I want to be outdoors more.

Know what you have in mind. 

Don’t cut out words from magazines like most people do because you will settle for less than what you wanted. (Unless you have millions of magazines to shuffle through and lots of time.) It’s much more satisfying to check Google or Pinterest for images or quotes you want to showcase. You can find exactly what you’re looking for with this method since you have a search bar and endless options.

That’s the best advice I can provide you on a project like this—the rest is up to you and your creative mind! Below is a close up of my craft, and I’ll quickly explain each of my little components.


(Starting top left) is a picture of my boyfriend and I. He’s been in my life for a while now and I owe a lot of who I am today to him. A goal of mine is continuing to work on our relationship. The girl I’m holding hands with is one of my very best friends, Hannah. (Who—if you read my posts—you’ve seen featured on my Fall Favorite Outfits.) I chose that picture because I am very thankful for my Residence Life job and wish to be the best RA I can be for my residents. “Count your blessings” was significant to me because I want to keep recognizing there’s always something to be thankful for. The heart with the words symbolizes a lot of things, (that’s the beauty of a board—you’re the only one who really has to understand), but I want to maintain a healthy and flourishing lifestyle. I also want to read more and continue gaining knowledge in school. Below it I have a stethoscope because I am aiming to get into nursing school for next fall. Pictures of my family are next (there are many more faces I wish I could include) because family is #1 in my life and how I came to be who I am today. Then my website of course, since I want to keep pushing forward in this fun work that I get to do. 🙂 “Simplify” because life can get complicated at times. I want to see new things and keep going places so “wander” was appropriate. A photo of me paddle boarding so I am motivated to stay active outdoors. Lastly, a group of friends (again, wish I could include more faces) because these are some of the people that mean the world to me and I care a lot about, so I want to continue working on friendships.

THAT is my vision board, and if you’re still with me, hopefully you have enough time to go sort out your goals and maybe make a board for yourself! 🙂 Or, pin the idea for later!


How to Make a Simple Vision Board

How to Make a Simple Vision Board

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