FIVE FALL FAVORITES // Cold Weather Clothing

Here comes post number two in my FIVE FALL FAVORITES feature. In the first post I shared my top five favorite Starbucks drinks (click if you missed it), and now I’m showing off five fabulous fall outfits.

Han throwing leaves

I’m not the most fashionable human being you will ever meet… and for one reason—I strive for comfy AND cute. If clothing is cute but not comfy (which is how most trendy styles these days are), I probably won’t be caught wearing it for more than an hour. If it’s just comfy but not really cute…well, this is usually what I sleep in and could spend all my lazy indoor days wearing. My everyday “out & about” outfits are an attempt to combine both spectrums.

Fall is probably the easiest season to achieve this comfy & cute style. Why? I can bundle up and layer on a million cozy clothing pieces feeling snug yet still looking like I tried. As an Oregon girl, fall apparel is basically my whole wardrobe 80% of the year.

Check out (and literally check out shopping if you so desire) these five outfits that represent comfort and cuteness, all while emphasizing the styles of cold weather clothing. With some tremendous help from my model slash BFF, Hannah, I put together some individual looks that are easily repeatable, intermixable, and most importantly—cozy!

1. Downy Gowny w/ Accent Boots & Band

Who ever said you can’t wear dresses in cold weather? A super soft & thick dress like this allows you to stay warm in the fall! You can easily add more layers to this look (like leggings or a cardigan), or throw on some leg warmers like me. I loved making a statement with vibrant red rain boots and a headband to match. (Clue: this was most effortless because instead of having to put on pants and a shirt, I only had to pull one piece of clothing over my head. Dresses are so underrated!)



2. Black Puff, Fluff & Stuff

I love wearing puffy vests, but make it a long sleeve lengthy puff coat and I’ll be cozy for life. Hannah is seen here wearing a soft and long trendy shirt, one of my favorite C.C. cable knit beanies, and of course a pair of Hunter rain boots. If this outfit doesn’t define fall, I’m not sure what does.



3. (Fad but Totally Rad) Plaid Blanket Scarf & Booties

A blanket scarf is my most favorite piece to bring out during these colder seasons. It’s also everyone else’s favorite piece. Plaid blanket scarves are SO popular, and I can tell you why! They are a great oversized heater that keeps you snug as a bug (in a rug). I just added in some layers to this look, slipped on a pair of my stretchy (comfy) ripped jeans, and of course the Steve Madden booties (which I bought on sale).



4. For the Love of Gloves & Portland

This is a look that can easily be recreated. Simply throw on a cap (great for bad hair days), lace up your boots, and layer on your cardigan. Hannah is wearing some plain colors with a splash of maroon, and she is representing Portland, OR with her awesome hat. The gloves and scarf keep her looking warm & cute.



5. Check the Turtleneck

Turtlenecks are comfier than you think. I threw on Hannah’s thin vest for an extra layer and hid a fun necklace. My toes were super warm in my snow boots that I would wear year round if I could. (Please, snow this coming winter!) You might be wondering by now how am I aiming for “comfy” if I’m always wearing jeans. Well, “jeggings” are what save me.



It was so much fun getting to take pictures of Hannah and I in our favorite fall outfits, which are all comfy, cute, and totally perfect for the cold weather we’re experiencing.





9 thoughts on “FIVE FALL FAVORITES // Cold Weather Clothing

  1. I love all the stylish outfits that you shared. I live in Hawaii and miss fall weather but it has been chilly lately so I am inspired by these to build a couple warmer outfits for those cool evenings and mornings.


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