Five Fall Favorites // Starbucks Drinks


FALL. The colors are changing, the weather is changing…and so are my taste buds. (Not really though—I drink coffee year round.) If you’re wondering what warm and tasty autumn beverage to get hooked on this season, then consider it time to terminate your thirst. If you haven’t already, try out one of my five favorite fall drinks from Starbucks!

(And no, pumpkin spice did not make the list.)

I shouldn’t say these are just seasonal drinks, because I get them all the time—but when the sun comes back out I’m all about the iced versions. These are quite possibly my favorite Starbucks drinks right now/ever, but there’s nothing quite like drinking them hot indoors while watching the leaves fall. (Insert a pair of cozy socks, a good book, and a warm fire here.)

1. Caramel Macchiato

Might as well call this the “Mak-iato” drink—it’s my all time favorite. Super delicious hot, but iced is so nice-looking that sometimes I get it in cold weather, too.

2. White Mocha 

This is a guilty pleasure drink so I order nonfat milk to make myself feel better. If you like it even sweeter, adding caramel is also tasty, and come winter time I definitely recommend peppermint.

3. Vanilla Latte

Okay, pretty basic (but at least it’s not pumpkin spice).

4. Black & White Hot Chocolate

If you are just not in the mood to espress-o yourself, this is hands down one of my favorites—and Starbucks makes it amazingly! Talk about the perfect blend.

5.  Chai Latte

I don’t get this as often, but Chai just reminds me of fall and winter. You can always spruce it up with vanilla. 


So, what are your fall favorites from Starbucks? As you could probably pick up, I’m a sugar-loving & heavy-on-the-creamer kind of coffee girl, but I’m interested in hearing what all of my readers think! Share in the comments your favorites or if your favorites are also any of the ones I’ve listed. If you have not had a chance to try out these drinks this season, I highly encourage it!



28 thoughts on “Five Fall Favorites // Starbucks Drinks

    1. I have become obsessed with the caramel brûlée this holiday season! It was the first time I ever tried it, in fact I got a recommendation on this very post for it! I ordered it almost each time I went.

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  1. Oh Makenna, I guess I am old school I just like coffee…and not Starbucks! In the original form
    the way God made coffee (hahaha) Starbucks black coffee tastes as though the beans have been burned in the roasting process.

    I am not commenting to get anyone’s ire up I am just stating preference.



  2. Warm drink is definitely needed this time of the year. Can you imagine but I’ve never tried white hot chocolate! Must try


  3. Sounds like we have similar tastes! I love caramel macchiatos, though I normally ask for a little extra caramel to sweeten things up. I have never heard of the black and white hot chocolate though, is it like a blend of hot cocoa and white cocoa?? It sounds tasty.

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  4. All great choices. My favorite fall flavors are, of course the Pumpkin Spice Latte, if you get it with soy milk it gives it a little extra flavor as well. Also, if you want to experience fall in your mouth, try a Chai with steamed apple juice instead of milk, you will not be disappointed. Great photos by the way!

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  5. Lately I’m loving the salted caramel mocha, but I just discovered the Frappula and can’t wait to try it! Have you tried it? I think it’s available until Halloween. White chocolate mocha, tons of whipped cream and strawberry puree. Mmmmm.

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    1. Oh man, the Frappula. It’s definitely a good one but there are so many other frap flavors that top it for me! But as a seasonal one I thought it was good. 🙂 The salted caramel mocha is also a tasty popular choice!


  6. I can’t stand the taste of coffee in anything so my go to Starbucks drink is Chai Latte (or chai frap if it is hot) but I might have to try the black and white hot chocolate next time I’m there, that sounds promising!

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