20 Good Things That Came From Donating My Hair

20-good-things-hairI wasn’t sure that I would be able to convince myself, especially a second time around. This wasn’t my first donation—although… that was back in the 5th grade when I only let 8 inches go. As a college student with a lot more hair to give, I decided I was (sort of) ready again. Before I knew it, a foot and a half of hair was GONE. Gone, and soon shipped off to someone who needed it!

I do miss my long hair… I really do. It took me quite some time to get it to that length, and it became “a part of who I was” in a way. For example, I could be referred to as “oh, yeah, MaKenna, with the really long hair!” But now I’m just…MaKenna.

At least that’s how I saw it for a little while. As much as I missed my hair when I cut it those few months ago, I still also really loved the new do that I got. It made me realize that I didn’t need my long hair to be happy and I didn’t even need it to be “myself!” I came to realize I could be happy with longer hair OR shorter hair.

Here’s what makes me feel good about donating my hair and getting rid of some literal weight.

  1. I use one third the amount of shampoo I used to use
  2. Conditioner is like one pump now, too
  3. I’m saving money since I don’t have to buy these products as often
  4. My showers are a lot quicker
  5. It takes zero time to dry my hair
  6. My head is as light as a feather
  7. I can actually ride in convertibles without getting whipped in the face
  8. I don’t feel like I have to style my hair as much
  9. If I do style my hair, it takes half the amount of time
  10. Ponytails don’t give me headaches
  11. My hair actually holds a curl now
  12. It feels so much healthier 
  13. My hair seems way thicker
  14. No more split ends!
  15. I am helping a person in need with my donation
  16. I am able to feel beautiful no matter what my hair looks like
  17. There are new “only shorthair” hairstyles I get to try now
  18. Now my hair feels like it grows back faster
  19. I wasn’t wearing a fur coat during the hottest months of the year
  20. Change is good

And there you have it—20 things to be thankful for. I’m sure I could come up with many more because it’s always easier to count the positives over the negatives. 🙂 With long hair or short hair, I’ve got a smile on my face! My smile is even brighter knowing I helped someone who needed that hair way more than I did!

my-donationI’m thankful for my friend’s mom who cut my hair, because that was a risky job to take on! Luckily I didn’t hate her afterwards, in fact I was blessed to have her—she made me feel so lovely with my new look!


Pantene Beautiful Lengths is definitely my recommendation if you’re looking to donate your hair in the future. Pantene produces wigs for cancer patients FOR FREE unlike some other options out there, and you only have to donate 8 inches of hair.

“To us, it’s hair. To women battling cancer, it’s hope.”

First check to see if you’re eligible, then go HERE to make the cut.

Long brown hair, brunette
Long brown hair, brunette

22 thoughts on “20 Good Things That Came From Donating My Hair

  1. I just cut my hair for the first time in two years–so I can totally relate to missing it! I’m hoping to donate soon, and I’ve been investigating the best places to do it (Pantene Beautiful Lengths seems like the way to go!)!

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  2. I am growing my hair because my mom wants to use them to make a wig. (she is scared if she will be bold when she get older) But, I think we will end up donating them all since my grandma has fair amount of hair in her old age. I like to grow them damn long and cut them all off and grow damn long again 😉


  3. Glad you were able to find the positive! My daughter wants to donate her hair but I don’t think she has enough and she is ready to cut it off just past chin length. Maybe I’ll ask the stylist to cut it in a pony just in case there is enough!

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  4. One time I sold my hair to a doll maker for $200. My hair is bright red, and it was super long. I’ve never found another buyer, though, sadly. I think he was making a specific doll and that’s why he was willing to pay that much.


  5. We donate my daughter’s hair every year or so because it grows so fast! Love doing something amazing for someone else who receives the donation and get her a cute new do at the same time. Great post to bring awareness to this!

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  6. What a positive, encouraging post. Thank you. I have friends, female and male, who donate hair. I started turning grey while I was a teenager and was told that grey hair is not good for donating. Sigh. But I can support those who can and do give hair.

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  7. You’re beautiful inside and out, my first thought when I saw the before and after photos is “wow she’s so pretty” and you just donated 8 inches of your hair to someone who deserves it…wow. Stay gorgeous 🙂

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