Website Expansion!

website expansion

Hello followers, viewers, bloggers, family, & friends.

I have some exciting news, and I’m sharing it with you right now.

After many months of blogging—which has been amazing and beyond my expectations, by the way—I have made the decision to… *drumroll*… EXPAND MY SITE!

Yes, you read that right! I am expanding my website. If you’re wondering what exactly that entails, let me explain.

What I should first lay out there is that I plan to continue blogging. (You may now let out a sigh of relief!) I am fortunate enough to have met a great deal of writers throughout the blogosphere who I have appreciated comments and feedback from, as well as found enjoyment in reading their posts. I will also carry on with my lifestyle, positivity, & open-ended theme, so you can still expect a wide variety of reads.

So, what IS changing, then?

Instead of limiting myself and my site to just blogging, I have been working on revamping my site to include MORE aspects of my artistic aura. “Making Do Blogging” was about utilizing your available means and being creative with your life—so I’m taking my own advice. It is time to release the creative. 

release the creative

My intentions are to structure my site somewhat similar to a portfolio, which will embody all my creativity that I wish to share. My art projects, photography, repurpose projects, crafts, music, & more will all eventually be included in this new site at one point or another—depending on how smoothly the transition goes. (It doesn’t help that I am starting school again and training to become an RA in this busy time.) Sooner or later, I will also incorporate the projects that I sell so that will all be in one place now, as well.

To really seal the deal, I will be changing my website domain, logo, and I will totally revitalize the design and layout! I promise it will still be me, Mak D, behind these pages even though it might feel like a new and unfamiliar world.

I feel really good about this decision and it’s just another way for me to be positive, creative, and expressive.

Welcome to my  N E W  S I T E !

mm & website

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