Oregon Coast Appreciation Post

Oregon Coast Appreciation PostThis is one of my favorite places to be during the summer. 

The Oregon coast has been “my beach” growing up. It might not be the tropical island oasis everyone imagines when they first think of the beach, but it offers its own unique beauties.

It may be unheard of to see a crystal clear ocean or palm trees in Oregon. Some say our sand is different. Our weather may not always be ideal for bathing suits, and our water is not warm like other beaches. Yet, I have lived to experience many warm days at the coast where kids are running around in their swimwear, and witness plenty of surfers drifting in the cold waves (wetsuits included).

We still have the sand in our toes and the salt in our air. I’m not forgetting gorgeous sunsets, either. Our beaches are fairly unpeopled compared to the rest. You can set up a couple blankets or chairs and never have to worry about someone plopping down anywhere near your space.

The amazing seaboard hikes lead to views that are spectacular, and from many of these places you might look out and not even think you’re at “the Oregon coast”—but what exactly does that mean?

“The Oregon coast” has such a negative connotation with it so often—and I’m guilty of this, too. It’s disappointing that, to some of us Oregonians, the words that come to mind are dull, rainy, and cold to describe our beaches. Maybe some days this is true and it prevents us from taking a trip, but sometimes we have to appreciate the creation we were given, and embrace the true beauty Oregon has to offer!

The cool water is what makes the Oregon coast, the OREGON COAST. We are accustomed to the cold weather even away from the beach, so it shouldn’t be that hard of an adjustment. Plenty of warm days do come around each year at the beach, if that’s the only thing that’ll get you there.

Our cute coastal towns have so much fun to offer, and special traditions dedicated to each beach. Seaside, Lincoln City, Neskowin, Depoe Bay, Newport, Pacific City, Manzanita, Florence, Astoria, Otter Rock, and so many more.

When I think of Astoria, I remember fishing trips (and The Goonies). When I think of Seaside, I think of walking the promenade, sand volleyball, and swings in the sand. Lincoln City reminds me of shopping and kite festivals, as Newport reminds me of tourist attractions and sea lions. In Pacific City I’ve climbed the sand dune, and in Florence I’ve gone four wheeling.

These are a few of the places I’ve been able to experience, but I can’t wait to continue enjoying the rest of the Oregon coast. Anytime I think of these towns, memories of each place come to me and I hope positive ones reach others who have also visited.

The moment that inspired me to write this Oregon coast appreciation post happened a few nights ago. A group of us friends from my high school days took a evening beach trip. Two of the friends ended up going to college near some of the nation’s best beaches—one in Hawaii and one in Southern California.

You’d think it would be disappointing to come back to their home state shoreline when they’d been enjoying warm weather and white sandy beaches all school year. However, I was amazed to hear they were so happy to be back at the beach. The Oregon beach. We grabbed some grub, had a bonfire ’til late at night, watched the sun set, and sang with a little guitar.

It made me realize that not only is the Oregon coast a beautiful place that is undervalued, but it is even more beautiful when you spend time there making memories with people who stand out in your life.

Love where you live. 

Signed, Mak D

15 thoughts on “Oregon Coast Appreciation Post

  1. I’ve always wanted to visit the Oregon coast for a big hiking trip. I’m only a couple hours away from some gorgeous sandy East Coast beaches, but those seem less exciting because of their proximity, whereas the Oregon coast sounds much more exciting because it’s different. Haha see? You’re right, it’s totally all about perspective.


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  3. Beautiful photos! I love that you say “Love where you live.” This is true. I’m in Arizona and I’m amazed at how many people don’t get out and discover the area. Although I’m not from here, from Georgia, I’ve found the state is very diverse I’m it’s landscape. Great hiking here too!

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  4. One of my favorite memories is walking on the Oregon coast beach in December. It was perfect for me, since I prefer overcast, misty, and chilly. When I think of it, I can feel the bite of mist against my face, smell the damp sand, and hear the waves. Ahh, heavenly.


  5. The place you live in look very beautiful indeed we must appreciate where we live. At my village which is inland we do not even have a beach but thank you for making me realise I still have to appreciate.

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  6. I live in California but your description of “your beach” and the pictures made me want to add it to my bucket list. Hopefully I can go one day.

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    1. Can’t tell you how happy that makes me feel! I have always loved Cali beaches but sometimes I forget to appreciate what resides in my own backyard!

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      1. You’re right. Sometimes the best places are right at home, we just tend to lose sight of it at times.


  7. Your lines sound so familiar to me. Lots of people talk wonderfully about “the Caribbean beaches” or “the Mediterranean beaches”. But here in Uruguay we have over 300 km of “our” beaches. They are not so blue or transparent, but… they are ours! And most of them are not overcrowded. Thanks for sharing this beautiful text.

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