The Perks of Being a Morning Person


As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm! If you are a morning person, you are someone with the advantage of starting your day immediately versus the late riser. This allows you to seize all opportunities that come your way before anyone who sleeps in has the chance. Research has also shown that early risers are healthier and thinner. You can read more about those backed facts here. While the health benefits alone are a positive, early birds have so much more going for them than night owls. (Sorry, night owls.) If you are a morning person, you get to experience all of the following perks:

  • You’re utilizing more hours in your day.

As long as the sun is up (or on it’s way up), this is the most productive time for a morning person. You’re accomplishing so much more by RISING and SHINING, starting all your tasks early and getting ahead of schedule! The earlier you start, the quicker you get done. 

  • You have more “prep time.”

The earlier you get up, the more time you’re allowing yourself to prepare for the day. Time for getting ready, making breakfast (the most important meal of the day!), and getting a head start on easy tasks.

  • No rush, no stress.

Since you’re giving yourself more prep time, take your time. Waking up late might cause you to rush in the mornings, forget things as you head out the door, or speed to your next destination. No, no. Why give yourself only 15 minutes to get ready versus a nice leisurely hour? A morning person is punctual, and to be on time is to be stress-free.

  • The early mornings are quiet, relaxing, & peaceful.

So what, maybe you are among the minority. Being one of the only people awake at six or seven isn’t a bad thing. Take advantage of the “me-time” to reflect and bask in the silence of the morning.

  • Early birds are awake and alert at the best times of the day. 

If you wake up when the sun is rising, you will have been awake for a lot longer than someone who sleeps in. This early start has given your brain plenty of time to warm up before your actual day begins (work, school, et cetera). A morning person will be much more alert midday than someone who only woke up a few hours before noon.

  • Coffee (or tea) becomes a reward, not a necessity.

Night owls might depend on caffeine to start their days, but a morning person treats coffee like a reward. Early risers can get up, brew a cup, and sip peacefully knowing that whether or not the caffeine kicks in, the energy they will need for the day has already been brewing in their bodies since six in the morning.

  • A better night’s sleep is in store.

If you wake up early, you will likely go to bed early. At the end of the day, you’re tired and worn out so falling asleep at a decent time will come very easily to you. A morning person typically has a good schedule, meaning they have the same alarm set each morning, and still go to bed at the same time. An evening person functions best at night, and might stay up later never knowing an exact time to go to bed until every task is finished.

  • Sunrises AND sunsets.

It’s the best of both worlds, my morning people. Late risers will only get to see a beautiful sunset, but when you have the advantage to watch the sun rise and set, that is the best way to start and end any day.

woman-591576_960_720Whether you’re a morning lark or a night owl, eight hours of sleep is a must. Embrace being a morning person if you are one, because there are many great benefits to this side of the spectrum. 

Signed, Mak D

36 thoughts on “The Perks of Being a Morning Person

  1. Since I have been pregnant, I get tired earlier than I used to but I also get up earlier. I have started taking advantage of it and started working and getting stuff done early. It feels so good to get a bunch accomplished before the day has barely started!

    xo Jen


  2. I have found that since I have been getting up earlier in the day I am much more productive. I don’t feel rushed anymore and my day seems to be so much smoother 🙂 its definitely worth a try xx


  3. I’ve only really started to become a morning person this year and I really love it – once I manage to drag myself out of bed 🙂


  4. Ok I admit – I am not a morning person (I try but I can’t!!) though the few times that I do wake up early, I just adore the peace and quiet. And yes, the sunrises 🙂


  5. As much as I hate waking up, I do enjoy they peacefulness of an early morning and it makes my days more productive. Thanks for the reminder.


  6. I go back and forth from being a morning person to a night owl and I found it all depends on how much exercise I get daily and what I am eating during the day. If I get some exercise and eat relatively healthy, the next day I am up bright and early. If I just lounge around and eat junk, I somehow end up having my energy at night and end up not wanting to get out of bed the next day! lol. I prefer being a morning person though!

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  7. I want so badly to be a morning person, because our society really forces us to! However, no matter how hard I try, it’s so hard for me to drag myself out of bed. Do you have any tips for making it easier?


  8. I am totally with you on this! Love being a morning person! Trained our boys to be early to bed, early to rise and they see the benefits of doing so themselves even as teenagers. More gets accomplished, better sleep at night…..aahhh, yes! Love this!

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  9. I am DEFINITELY a morning person, if anything to feel less rushed and stressed when I start my day. But it’s also so nice to know I’ve gotten so much done before a lot of people are just waking up!


  10. I am absolutely a morning person. I am the first one to get up at 5:30, hop into the shower and then head downstairs before the rest of the family get up. I need some time for myself before the stress of the day begins.


  11. I suffer horrible sleep reversal because of my liver disease. I want nothing more than to be tired and asleep before 11 and be up becore the sun. It doesnt happen often but when it does, its magical!


  12. All of these perks are so true!
    I am not a morning person, but sometimes I am forced to due to class schedules, so I have experienced this, and agree with them. Specially being able to use more hours of the day and looking forward to a good sleep after a long day! 😊

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  13. Hi MaKenna, I received your invitation which caught my interest and brought me here. Very nice and interesting post. I can totally relate to it 😊 I write a lot about motivation and positive thinking too. 😄


  14. Great read! I totally agree. I may not be a “morning person” all of the time, once you get through the few minutes of grogginess it’s wonderful to have the time to get ready and start your day without being on a time crunch. Coffee may not always be a necessity, but it sure makes the morning feel complete.
    Thanks for sharing this!


  15. I love this! Beautifully written. I cannot even tell that you are a beginner! It is written like a magazine article. Good for you! God has surely Blessed you with so much talent to bless His world! Thank you for blessing us with the giftings He has given you! Awesome work! It is as if you were writing about me and God was nudging me to read it so that I can get my lazy butt up in the morning, instead of being lazy, and “Embrace The Day!”
    So thanks. You made my morning already bright, even right now at: 330AM 🙂

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  16. On weekends it is a pleasure to wake up early and freely let time be…
    On weekdays, waking up early is a must, as I live on a time zone different from my usual clients and, thus, my mailbox is full of urgent stuff.
    Very different feelings…!
    Nevertheless, inspiration may pop up at every corner. If I am lucky enough to have my fingers on the keyboard, a blog entry may be born. 🙂

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  17. Sometimes I look forward to morning because there will be coffee. Maybe I need it, but it becomes a kind of reward. I typically have coffee when things are quiet. So I imagine somewhere inside of me I think of all this as a kind of morning ritual. A positive one.

    Thank you for sharing the virtues of morning!

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