A Letter to the Best Friends I Met in College

A Letter to the Best Friends I Met In CollegeCOLLEGE BFFS.jpg“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.” Muhammad Ali

Dear College Best Friends,

I’m beginning to realize that the greatest things in life come to us unexpectedly. Sure, almost every first-year student goes into college with the hopes of finding a few friends, but not everyone finishes the school year with relationships that will last a lifetime. Friends like you shouldn’t be taken for granted. I never could have predicted how well I would connect with you, and the best part—it happened so naturally. I owe you many more thanks than this, but here are a few features to our friendship I became beyond appreciative of this school year.

Thank you for becoming my family.

We all showed up from different places but college became our new home together—thanks for making it feel like nothing less. Comfort, support, and love—that’s what family is for and that’s exactly what you gave me.

Thank you for making me laugh. 

You guys do the craziest, silliest, and weirdest things. I’m glad I get to do them with you. I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say I’ve laughed every day in college since we met.

Thank you for motivating me to workout.

We have access to the school gym and a ton of running routes on campus…thanks for making me utilize these. I appreciate the pep talks, the challenges, and the healthy tips.

Thank you for also caving in with me to get junk food.

It’s not our fault that a convenience store is located within walking distance of campus…and we  n e e d  study breaks, sometimes. Occasionally it’s ice cream, other times it’s chips or cookies. Whatever our treats end up being, thank you for not judging me—better yet, thank you for justifying these bad habits by getting the exact same goodies.

Thank you for helping me study.

We’ve used just about every method—youtube videos, recording lectures, flashcards, becoming editor-in-chiefs for each other’s papers—thanks for being there every step of the way. You motivate me to do good on my tests, and stay on top of my schoolwork. I’m definitely depending on you guys next year to get me through our biology courses.

Thank you for being my therapists.

You are the people I can talk to about ANYTHING (on-call 24/7), and the people who will give me advice on how to work out my problems. Multiple opinions, perspectives, and experiences are what make our conversations so real and beneficial.

Thank you for sharing your room, and your clothes…and everything. 

Sharing the same bed, check. Shirts, pants, and shoes, check. Makeup, check. Textbooks, check. Food, check. Laptop and phone chargers, check. Everything else, check.

Thank you for seeing me at my worst and still loving me.

I mean, we all knew college could be stress-provoking…but wow. You are my pillars of strength—thank you for being the people I’ve been able to depend on, who stuck by my side in even the most unfavorable moments.

Thank you for being the people I do nothing with, and the people I do everything with.

This couldn’t depict us better. How long do you think we’ve sat around, engulfed by our own homework assignments, and uttered nothing? HOURS without a word? I’ve loved that we can relax and enjoy downtime together, but also do everything else together. I’m serious! Library, gym, dining hall, shopping… where haven’t we been as a pack?

And finally, thank you for being the only people who understand almost exactly what I’m going through.

Finding friends with the same major, in the same grade, and at the same school definitely leads into understanding each other like no one else could. We know each other’s sleep schedules, eat schedules, and class schedules. We know what each professor is like, how difficult every class is, what our classmates are like, and the best or the worst dining hall meal choices. We even memorized the opening and closing hours for coffee, the gym, and the library together—or at least attempted to. No one else knows our college identities better than each other, and that’s because we have all experienced the same situations.

To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t choose anyone else to enjoy my college experience with.

So, thanks.

Signed, Mak D

9 thoughts on “A Letter to the Best Friends I Met in College

  1. This brings back the memories of the post I wrote when I finished my college a year ago. I had a good big smile as I read this post.

    BTW, I came here via community pool and as I cannot reply to your post there, its can suggest one thing: it is not easy to get people commenting on your blog. It demands certain levels of commitment from their end which is difficult. So take what you can get, and cherish the simple Good Post comments you get.

    You are a good writer continue writing


      1. I took a look at your post—it seems we have very similar situations! Although I wrote about the end of my first year, it’ll be interesting to see how these feelings go by the time I graduate!

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  2. Thank you is such a wonderful way to let people you connect with know how much you appreciate them. What I really love about your thankyou’s is that you specifically tell your college friends why you are thanking them. No guessing, and I suspect loads of appreciation!

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  3. Hi Makenna! I just wanted to say I really loved this and I know so many college students would be able to connect to this piece. I will definitely be sharing this with my friends from college thanks!

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    1. Although letters seem more personal, I do think that if anyone has found as good of friendships as I have in college, this list of thanks are easy to relate to!! Good friendships all have pretty similar characteristics. 🙂


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